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Many men don’t want to admit when something is physically wrong with them – whether it be ailments, illness, injuries, or any of the like. They don’t want to admit defeat. So they may go to work ill, they may go to the gym injured, and they may ignore the symptoms that they should be seeking help for. And all-the-while they may claim that they’re “just fine”.

Sexual issues are no different. And they could be an indicator of more serious health problems. We don’t want shame, pride, or shyness to deter men from seeking the help that they need. And so we try to get the word out there. We try to bring attention to these incredibly common issues. We try to show men that there is no reason not to seek help – and that it could truly change their lives if they do.

Which is why advertising can help us reach these goals. We want to help destigmatize sexual health issues, and get more men to seek the health care that they need – without embarrassment and shame. With our advertising, we want to expand the conversation. We want to banish the shame. We want people to have honest talks about their sexual health – because sexual health issues are all too common, and yet all too often ignored.

If we can help more people to recognize that sexual health issues are prevalent (and it really isn’t just you) – we think that fewer people will suffer in silence. There is nothing to be embarrassed of. There is no reason to suffer in silence. There is no reason to allow your relationship to endure one more night of pain. We have changed the lives of thousands men (and their partners), and we want to help thousands more. One way to do this is to simply get the word out.

In our marketing, we aim to find that delicate balance between lighthearted messaging, and serious information. And we always try to minimize the discomfort that this topic may induce. But we always strive to get more men talking about troubles in the bedroom. The more we talk about it, the less taboo it becomes. Our honest talks through advertising are meant to help our current and future clients – and we promise to only make claims that are evidentiary verifiable. For example, here are a number of claims that we may make, backed up by research:

  • Through a 4-year study, we know that alprostadil (PGE) has a 90 to 96.3% success rate, and Tri-mix is at least as efficacious as alprostadil is (Kohler, McVary).
  • Tri-mix works 94% of the time when used by the patient. It has an 87% to 93.5% satisfaction rate for patients, and an 86% to 90.3% satisfaction range for partners. Plus, the treatment has been shown to have a positive correlation with improved self-esteem and a better partner relationship (Hatzichristou, Hatzimouratidis).
  • Tri-mix has a 92% success rate (Carson, Kirby, Goldstein, Wylie).
  • Only about 30% of people refill Viagra after one year of treatment.
  • We want our ads to be honest, professional, and respectful. And we welcome feedback from all who have seen or heard our ads… you can help us better banish the stigma that is oftentimes associated with sexual issues. If you’ve seen any of our ads, and have a question or comment regarding their content, we’d love it if you would send us an email at advertising@tristatemenshealth.com.

    At Tri-State Men's Health, we’d like you to find out what it feels like to get your sex life back, renew your confidence, and reignite your relationship.

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